Purple Skunk Weed Strain – The Perfect Choice for an Uplifting High


Purple Skunk is an uplifting, sativa-dominant cross of Skunk #1 and an older purple strain. It’s small to medium flowers will mature at 8 to 9 weeks and have a distinctive skunky smell and flavor.


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Purple Skunk Weed Strain cannabis is typical for a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It hits fast with the first puffs and kicks in with a burst of energy. The high is mostly cerebral, and for some consumers, even creepy and psychedelic. The head rush makes it a good one for brainstorming or working on analytical projects. But this same effect keeps away users prone to panic or anxiety. The happy euphoria spreads throughout the whole body giving it a calm state while the head is focused and active.

Users say that the Purple Skunk weed strain is a must-try for anybody who loves potent, energetic, and tasty buds. It is best suited for morning or daytime use before work, especially connected with socializing because the strain is a great builder of social connections. They also describe that this weed is an excellent choice for parties with friends that are surely going to become more talkative and fun with the Purple Skunk strain.

The medicinal properties of Saivas mostly lean to the psychological side, and this one is not an exception. Purple Skunk marijuana’s blissful high takes away all possible cares leaving aside depression and stress. Some consumers mention its usefulness against body pains, including back pain, arthritis, and other chronic or nerve.

The growers can buy seeds online and need to keep in mind that the strain is quite smelly, so it suits better indoors.

A Blend of Euphoria and Creativity

A heavily sativa-dominant hybrid, Purple Skunk is a cross of the ever-popular Skunk #1 and an older, more obscure purpose strain. The sativa/indica ratio is roughly 85:15, so expect creative cerebral effects with a strong dose of euphoria, a tingling sensation, and powerful hunger.

The Ideal Choice for a Relaxing High

The Purple Skunk (AA) strain is a perfect choice for those looking for a relaxing high, rated 3.75 out of 5 by 4 customers. Its aroma and flavor are like no other, making it a unique choice for those seeking a different experience. Additionally, with the purchase of this product, you earn 20.00 reward points ($0.80).


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