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One of the common peptide fragments is AOD9604, and it forms the C-terminus of the Human Growth Hormone by the addition of a Tyrosine at the N-terminal end. AOD9604 has shown tremendous effectiveness in anti-lipogenic activity, and also in stimulating lipolytic (also known as fat burning). AOD9604 can break down fat and also prevent the transformation of fatty food into stores of body fat) in animals.


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Buy AOD 9604 5MG Peptide online. Scientists at Monash University revealed that a small region close to the end of the GH Molecule regulated Growth Hormone’s ability to reduce fat. This small region contains amino acids 177-191, which make up under 10 percent of the entire volume of the GH molecule.

The region has no visible, effect on growth resistance or insulin resistance. The way it functions is by replicating how the Natural Growth Hormone regulates Fat metabolism, minus the adverse effects observed with unmodified Growth Hormone.


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